Groups allow teams to logically organize complex system data for sharing and dissemination without losing greater context.

Creating a Group

Create a group by clicking the Group button (second-from-right, the page icon) and choosing New Group. Groups must have a unique name across a project, and cannot be renamed at this time.

You can now access this group by clicking on it’s name in the dropdown.

Adding Items to a Group

Every Item has the ability to be added to a group. To do so, simply use the pink plus next to the Groups list in an item’s sidecar. This opens a drop-down menu where you can select.

Items may have as many groups as required.

Please note that when you add an item to a group, this brings in all of that item’s downstream children. If this is undesired, you must then remove the downstream items from the group at this time.

Removing an Item from Group

To remove an item from a group, simply click the “x” next to the group’s name in the corresponding item’s list